NUADU / Branding

Fresh and original brand identity for an innovative educational tool. Polymorphic logo with an infinite number of variants.

NUADU is an educational tool which improves on the process of giving
and checking homework assignments to students.
NUADU breaks the rules of typical teaching and learning – where everyone is trated the same way. This intelligent sytem is tailored specifically to each student's needs.
NUADU adjusts to each student – so does its logo!

LOGO DIY. We give you a basic form of our logo. Use your imagination, to make it trully yours!

We let you doodle on our logo!

Creative Director: Adam Diakowski
Art Director: Maciej Sznitowski
Logo Concept & Design: Maciej Sznitowski
Graphic Designers: Mariusz Baranowski, Damian Grudziński

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